Accredited Airbag Disposal Specialists

An Accredited Waste and Airbag Disposal Company

Air Bag

Coordinating Airbag Recalls

In the event that you have discovered a fault with your airbags, an urgent recall is required. Get in touch with our expert team to coordinate and manage the entire product recall.


Working with Waste Operators

When you are presented with the task of disposing of unused airbags, turn to our professionals. At our approved facility, we specialise in recycling and disposing of airbags.


Disposing of Unwanted Parts

Disposing of unused parts and waste for cars and aeroplanes is a difficult business. At the Airbag Disposal (UK) Ltd facility, we complete responsible car and aviation part disposal.

Parts Disposal

Prioritising Health and Safety

Our company is heavily committed to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety. This includes preserving a 100% recycling rate and safely handling hazardous materials.

About Us

The disposal of airbags and associated components presents a challenge for every company in the automotive and related industries. To dispose of and recycle these waste products in a safe, legal, and environmentally compliant manner, you need to consider all existing legislation and safety recommendations. Alternatively, you could acquire the help of the UK’s leading airbag disposal company. At Airbag Disposal (UK) Ltd, we are qualified and accredited specialists in airbag and waste disposal. Additionally, our facilities are approved by the Environment Agency to safely decommission and recycle all SRS components as part of our nil-to landfill policy. 

Whether you are dealing with used airbags that have been deployed, or units from end-of-life vehicles that have not been detonated, we cover the entire process. For more than 15 years, we have used our unique, specialised facilities to carry out the disposal and recycling. Our professional and highly trained team comprise more than 100 years of combined experience, and use their unrivalled industry knowledge to capably handle up to 10,000 units at a time. All our transport is GPS tracked and each container is equipped with 'tamper proof' locking systems to ensure all waste units arrive safely back on site in the original state. Despite our capabilities, we do not issue a minimum load, and clients can send as many or as few products as necessary. Airbag Disposal (UK) Ltd is a proud member of the Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Association and the chamber of commerce.