Accredited Airbag Disposal Specialists

Large Quantity Disposal

Bulk disposal

Here at Airbag Disposal we specialise in working with the motor trade and manufactures from all across Europe. We can help you with 'parts recalls' and every aspect of collection, storage and disposal of airbag units. We are accredited and fully licensed providers of this service and have over 15 years experience within this sector. We can offer safe and professional disposal on large quantities contact us for a quote.

At Airbag Disposal (UK) Ltd, all of our work is fully insured, while we are fully accredited for every task we carry out. Due to the quality of our specialist facilities, we ensure that our clients are able to comply with any regulations that are set out for them. This includes all paperwork being made available, such as hazardous waste consignment notes, dangerous goods notes, and certificates of destruction.

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Environmentally friendly disposal

Airbag Disposal (UK) Ltd is environmental management ISO 14001 accredited. This means that we add nothing to landfill sites and also ensure that all waste is disposed of responsibly. We work within the current ADR regulations, which means that we are able to transport dangerous goods of all classes including that relating to airbags and seatbelts and their components from both Class 1 and Class 9. These regulations are internationally recognised. Our director, Nicky Bryce, is a fully accredited DGSA (dangerous goods safety advisor) and is qualified to authorise and arrange the transportation of all categories of dangerous goods.

To assure our clients of the high health and safety standards we maintain, Airbag Disposal (UK) Ltd is able to provide evidence of our certificates and accreditations. Upon request, we will exhibit for inspection all relevant: