THE Accredited Airbag Disposal Specialists

Helping to Successfully Coordinate Manufacturer Recalls

Currently, the automotive industry is experiencing the highest number of airbag manufacture recalls in its long history. Due to the grand scale of the industry, putting a recall into action is a gruelling and difficult process. At Airbag Disposal (UK) Ltd, we have more than 12 years’ experience of manufacturer recall coordination.

From working with individual dealers to major hubs, we are able to accommodate your circumstances, transporting and recycling airbags and detonators in a safe and environmentally compliant way. Currently, we are involved with recalls for a number of major manufacturers, and we are happy to supply you with their contact information for referral purposes.

A Company You Can Trust

 As a trusted partner of numerous car manufacturers we have so far been responsible for the safe disposal of over 1 million airbags from the Takata recall. We welcome the opportunity to show you round our facility All of our work is fully insured, while we are fully accredited for every task we carry out. Due to the quality of our specialist facilities, we ensure that our clients are able to comply with any regulations that are set out for them. This includes all paperwork being made available, such as waste consignment notes, dangerous goods notes, and certificates of destruction.