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Mobile Chamber

At Airbag Disposal, we are committed to the ever changing automotive sector. We understand that it is not always possible to collect waste and transport cross border back to the UK for dismantling and disposal. This is why we have produced a solution where we are able to bring our state of the art technology to you. We are now offering our bespoke patented airbag disposal pods (ABDP) that can be specified with various options including up to 3 chambers built into, this allows the customer to deploy up to 300 units per hour. The ABDP’s can be dispatched anywhere in the world and can be as far away as Australia in just 8 weeks. They come with a full standard operating procedure (User manual), a 24 hour helpline and 5 days extensive training to ensure competency of your technicians. Alternatively, we are happy to complete the work on your behalf using our own specialist team for an additional cost.

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