THE Accredited Airbag Disposal Specialists

The Airbag Disposal (UK) Ltd Facilities

Airbags are classed as explosives under the Dangerous Goods Act, and for this reason you can't just take them to your local authority's recycling centre. Airbag Disposal (UK) Ltd has been working in this field for more than 10 years now, keeping up to date with UK and European legislation to be sure we are always operating safely and within a legal framework.

Qualified to Work with Dangerous Goods

Our director, Nicky Bryce, is a fully accredited DGSA (dangerous goods safety advisor) and is qualified to authorise and arrange the transportation of all categories of dangerous goods. We are able to come to your site and give you the correct advice on the dealing of any hazardous material or explosive devices, such as airbags. We offer a standard operating procedure to ensure that your staff comply with regulations for their safety. Within this standard operating procedure, we are able to offer your staff training, which will be done onsite.

Safe  Transportation

For transportation, airbags are usually classified under one of two categories in the Dangerous Goods Act: Class 9 and Class 1. Fully intact airbag units usually come under Class 9 (Miscellaneous), while detonators on their own are categorised as Class 1 (Explosives). In both cases, goods need to be properly packaged and carried in compliant vehicles. We will advise you on which categories apply to your consignment, and provide vehicles that have been tested in accordance with the applicable laws.

ADR-Qualified Drivers

The vehicles will be operated by our ADR drivers. Each of the drivers on our staff has been fully trained and is certified to transport Class 1 and Class 9 dangerous goods.

Waste Carriers Licence

Once we have carried out any detonation work, we have a waste carriers licence that enables us to transport everything to the recycling site.

Approved for Safe Detonation

Regulation 6 of the Manufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations requires that explosives are disposed of safely. The Environment Agency has approved our facilities as being suitable for the safe detonation of SRS components. The work we do is carried out in accordance with the HSE Guidelines for Disposal of Explosives.

A Fully Documented, 100%-Recycling Process

The majority of airbags that need to be disposed of are found on end-of-life vehicles, and ELV regulations now require 100% of the material to be recycled. By using our service, you can be sure that every part of each waste airbag – be it steel, aluminium, plastic, or nylon – has been recycled. We will also provide you with the documents to prove that recycling has taken place.

Your paperwork is fully covered, including waste consignment notes, dangerous goods notes, and the certificate of destruction when the job is complete. As well as proof of recycling, we will also help make sure that you are fully compliant with the paperwork for every stage of your audits. This includes dangerous goods notes, waste transfer notes, risk assessments, and certificates of destruction. In addition, we can also provide a method statement detailing the process from start to finish.